We are so passionate that in addition to our full game content, we have a team focused on creating maps within Fortnite, providing an experience for your brand. Our team seeks to understand the customer and create fully playable and immersive architectures, logos, environments, events and levels. Our professionals create different formats and challenges within what is possible in Fortnite Creative and some of our maps were specially designed for big names such as Epic Games, Samsung, Havaianas, Sneakersbr and Nike, Paco Rabanne, Fanta, Red Bull, Doritos and others Many…


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Hero Base is an organization organized for gamers and passionate followers of esports that account for more than 12 million social networks, being the fastest growing in Latin social networks. Founded in 2021 by João Victor Feio (Biggie) and João Victor Sampaio (Flakes Power), we have a team with more than 60 professionals directly involved, in addition to our members as content creators, streamers and pro players that only increases. The team has experts in the areas of creation within Fortnite, designers, video editors, thumbnails, screenwriters and commercials.

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